Hi there and very welcome!

If you are interested in Franconian culture, history, food, drinks (especially beer, but we got wine and whiskey here, as well!) and having a good time in, or around Nuremberg, Fuerth, Erlangen, Bamberg or Wuerzburg, feel free to let me know.

No matter if you are just looking for information, directions, or a free guided tour, that feels like a friend would show you around,  I will be glad to support you as good as possible. My aim is to give you a bit of an insight into the real life, besides the touristic spots and what you can find in your guidebook.

Why for free? Because I like to meet new people and I love to demonstrate what Franconia is having ready for you.

Have a great time and enjoy!


Here some pictures, showing a hand full of places I would be glad to show to you. Of course we can discuss what you are interested in, for I do not have any prearranged tours or offers. Everything is absolutely individual and customized to your liking.

There is castles, caves, hiking trails, valleys, hills, breweries (highest brewery-density in the world!), vineyards, museums, lakes, rivers, awesome historical cities, lovely little villages and much more, waiting for you!

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